Terms and Conditions

I being the card holder or corporate officer, by signing below I understand and agree to the charges listed above. I agree to pay and authorize Creative Media Consultants to charge any card on file for the services provided. I further agree in the event my credit card becomes invalid I will provide a new credit card upon request, for any outstanding balances owed. I furthermore confirm that I received all goods and services in satisfactory conditions. I am responsible to review all inaccuracies for all the information transmitted to me. I am responsible for contacting customer service at (866) 330-7854 to dispute any charge. I understand that if I no longer want to participate with the program I can cancel at any time without any refund of posted charges, I understand a refund can be given under the company’s 72 hour statutory period. There will be a 15% processing fee for lost revenue from the company that has been immediately paid when the order was initially placed.